1920's : Social aspects 


Why and how do things change?

Things change with new inventions and improvements.  They change because old ways do not work and technology changes.  They change to improve human life. 

Statement: The social aspects of the 1920's are a mixture of new permissive events or modernism, which collide with the old Victorian standards, and social mores of the past.  Is this an accurate evaluation of the social aspects of the 1920's?

This is an accurate statement of this time period.  Signs of modernism were seen in all different aspects.  New inventions in popular culture, stricter immigration laws and greater feelings of Americanism, more crime and the rise of the gangster, and improvements in both women and black's lives were all seen during the 1920's.  

Connection between the 1920's and today

One connection between the roaring 20's and today is that there were new modern ideas coming about.  Many new improvements to life and inventions came about as well.  This is the same in todays day, we are always trying to improve our lives and make new inventions.  
Created by: Ben Aleckson & Luke Heller